Why use a speechwriter?

A bad speech can sink your career.

A good speech will take you to the top – that’s how Barack Obama and David Cameron got noticed.

A bad speech can make people groan about you behind your back – we’ve all heard the clever-dick best man who thinks he’s a stand-up and the business leader who’s a bore.

A good speech will make you the go-to person at family, party or club gatherings.

Brian Jenner is a professional speechwriter with 18 years of experience. His first job was writing for the Chairman of BP.

Since then he has written for a Dragons’ Den panellist, a Duke, a Premiership footballer and a few celebrity weddings.

He can help you prepare, write and deliver your speech.

He adds value by help you by finding good material, advising on audience expectations, and by translating the material into the language of public speaking.

Often he doesn’t write the whole speech: his specialist skill is to find appropriate humour and stories to lift a mundane presentation.

Brian is the founder of the European Speechwriter Network and the UK Speechwriters’ Guild.

He organises two conferences a year, bringing together the best speechwriting talent from around the world.

He is the editor of The Speechwriter, a quarterly magazine for professional speechwriters. Click here to see copies.

In 2008 he was invited to go to Washington DC to talk about speechwriting at the annual Ragan Communications Conference.

Brian Jenner BooksIn 2010 he won a prestigious Cicero-award for speechwriting.

He started his working life as a journalist working for the Telegraph, Guardian and eventually the Daily Mail. He has organised the UK Business Book Festival, UK Business Speaker of the Year and the UK Good Funeral Awards.

He has published four books Men & Collections, I’m Just Phoning to Chase My Invoice, Trade Secrets, Jokes, Anecdotes and One-Liners for Speechwriters and Eloquence, A Treasury of Speechwriting Advice.